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Costa Maya Kohunlich Mayan Ruins


Costa Maya Kohunlich Mayan Ruins

Journey into the Mystical realm of the Mayan culture, walk the grounds and climb pyramids and temple
Departs From: Costa Maya, Mexico
Meeting Point: Instructions printed on your voucher
Duration: 5 hrs. 30 min. (Approx.)
Tour Code: CMMTO-05
From: $73 USD
Tour Description:
Kohunlich is a large pre-Columbian Mayan site that covers approximately 21 acres. The site is surrounded by dense sub-tropical rainforest, and it contains more than 170 mounds that remain largely unexcavated. The city was elaborately planned and engineered, with raised platform pyramids, citadels, courtyards and plazas. The area has relics dating back to 200 B.C., but most of the structures were built in the Early Classic period from about 250 to 600 A.D.

Your tour guide will lead you on an approximately two-hour walk through the Kohunlich Mayan Ruins, starting with an enormous central plaza ringed by pyramids and temple platforms. To the north, there is a massive, raised acropolis with a palace complex. Further east, there is the Pyramid of the Masks, built in honor of their sun god, with six gigantic stucco masks flanking its central staircase. You will see intricate decoration consisting of stucco masks that are part of a symbolic decoration system loaded with cosmic elements that reflect the importance of the cosmos for the ancient Mayan people.

Your guide will also explain the Mayan social, political and religious organization, which will help you envision the glorious days of this old Mayan city.

The Kohunlich Mayan Ruins are surrounded by many local trees such as mahogany, cedar, and jabin which subsist jointly with trees like pepper, copal, sapota, chacá, chechén, ramón and others.

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